Rick Sieman wrote a great series of humorous stories in Off Road Magazine for many years, Here are all 81 stories. I've often been asked if some of the stories in The Wanderers series are true or not.

As I sit here and scratch my chin thinking about it, I can offer a solid... well... sort of, kind of, and a definite maybe. If that sounds fuzzy, it is so because many of these tall tales are based on some real world experiences passed on to me from friends and acquaintances in the off-roading community.

So, indeed, many of the truly goofy things actually happened. And what about Carl and Emma, you ask? Are they real?

Hmmm. Well, I know people like Carl and Emma. So close in mannerisms, in fact, that you might be convinced that I merely changed the names to protect the innocent. Hell, half my friends have many of the bull-headed traits exhibited by Carl!

Actually, what The Wanderers is, dear reader, is what we all wish we could do. Who among us would not love to simply take off, with no schedules to keep, no plans set it stone, or commitments to take care of? Ahhh, yes... the perpetual vacation. Just point the rig somewhere and go with your impulses. Stop here for a while; drop a line in the water over there; build a campfire by that mountain; watch the sun rise over a mountain top.

So, kick back and let your mind wander a little bit with The Wanderers. And keep the sun to your back when you're on the move.

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