• Dirt Bike Magazine's FOOFARAW Special

Made in 1975, this is a collection of the funniest columns that appeared in Dirt Bike from 1971 thru 1974. You'll find the best columns from Super Hunky, Pete Syzlagyi and a few others. Yes, the Cheeseburger's Revenge from Pete is included, as well as the classic about cleaning out the Great Yellow Dirt Bike Truck by Rick Sieman. The weird thing about this special is that it happened right when Rick left Dirt Bike and went to Modern Cycle, so there are no bylines in any of the columns. Chances of you finding a copy of Foofaraw are slim, as a lawsuit was filed by Rick, which stopped the distribution.

It's been scanned from the sole remaining copy in my library and is available on disc for $10 including postage anywhere in the US. The best part is that the disc comes in PDF format and you can print out any or all pages from the disc. This is a rare keeper.

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Dirt Bike Magazine's FOOFARAW Special

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