• 1971-1974 Dirt Bike Magazine on CD

Well, you went and did it. Got yourself the first four years of DIRT BIKE Magazine on disc. Good move. Those early copies are getting hard to find and the ones in the first year (1971) are going for big bucks. Here's what you've got.

You have every issue from June of 1971 through all of 1974. That June '71 issue was the very first issue. I worked on all of these magazines until that last issue in 1974. You'll see a big difference in content in that last issue and the ones that preceded it.

Every issue has every page included. All the color pages are reproduced in color. You can print out every page if you want to, since the issues were produced in Picasa 3 format. Or you can put it in your computer (or CD/DVD player) and simply enjoy a slideshow of each and every year. There are seven discs included in the package. Each disc contains one-half of a year (six issues) in order. This comes to about 4000 pages total.

Here's how to work the discs: Pop a disc in your computer and open it. An icon saying PICTURES will appear. Left click it.

Another icon will appear naming the disc (ex: DIRT BIKE 2nd HALF 1974). Left click it. This will bring up a bunch of dates/icons. Left click on the first one.

This will open up Picasa 3 and the first page of the magazine. Go to the bottom of the photo with your cursor and this will reveal the tool bar for Picasa 3. It's self explanatory. You can make the page bigger or smaller, rotate the page, edit the page in Picasa, advance to the next page, make a slideshow out of the magazine by clicking the arrow in the middle, or simply print the page out by going to the down arrow (far right), click it and follow the directions. If you'd like to load Picasa 3 up, it's free and works great. Heres the link: <a href=""http://picasa.google.com"">picasa.google.com</a> Now sit back and enjoy.

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1971-1974 Dirt Bike Magazine on CD

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