Rick Sieman 's 640 page book is now in its third printing, and if you're a real dirt biker, this is for you.  Read what it's all about:

WARNING! STRAP YOUR HELMET ON BEFORE YOU READ THIS BOOK! IT'S A WILD RIDE! Outrageous, hard-hitting, hilarious, brutally honest, wildly entertaining and loaded with inside stories about the dirt bike industry, MONKEY BUTT! chronicles more than 30 years of this amazing phenomenon. Everything from bench racing and tall tales, to the huge land battles with the Phantom Duck, can be found in these pages.

If you've been a dirt biker at any time in the last quarter-century, you'll find plenty here to make you smile, some stuff to make you mad, and things that will stun you. Want an inside line on who really runs the AMA? It's here. What almost killed the motorcycle industry? The real story is in these pages. Want to get behind the scenes of the tests and stories that you read? MONKEY BUTT! tells the amazing saga of Dirt Bike Magazine, from Day One.  I'm sure there's a number of things in here that will get both of us in a fair amount of trouble, but this is as close to the truth as you're going to get. - Paul Clipper /Trail Rider Finally, a book for those who remember what it used to be like in the Good Olde Days. - Rondo Talbot/Mr. Know-It-All

This book is going to rattle a lot of cages, and it's long over-due. - Tom Fiala

A chronicle of the glory years of dirt riding, MONKEY BUTT! takes you through a time of radical changes, from the early days of crude, ill-handling bikes, to the current generation of high-tech marvels. It's also a behind-the-scenes look at the land use battles, and the motorcycle industry, recounted with humor, honesty, and great insight. You will be educated and entertained, for Rick is a very funny man who tells it like it was. - Gil Vaillancourt/Works Performance

You are about to embark on a strange and wonderful journey through the rise and fall of the motorcycle industry, and I can practically guarantee that what you read here will not exactly be what you thought it would be. - Paul Clipper

Rick has a limited number of autographed copies available for $25.  Go for it!"

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