• HOW TO WIN AT RACING from 1972

Back in the good old days, Dirt Bike Magazine made a one-shot that sold for $5, an almost unheard of price back then. Guess what? It sold out in less than three months. It was filled with articles on racing and covered everything from motocross to desert racing. There were features on getting good starts, how to modify bikes of that era, cornering techniques, how to pick the best lines and even a definitive feature on how to get in shape for racing that holds true to this day.

This special is almost 170 pages long and captures just how it was back then. Five bucks to enter a motocross race? You bet! How much did a top end cost for an open class CZ or Maico? It's in here.

Copies of that How To Win At Racing special are rare nowadays and go for big bucks if you can find one. I scanned the sole remaining copy in my library and am making it available in pdf format. Just pop it in your computer and every page is there. For $10 (postage included in the US, foreign shipping extra) you can have your own copy on disc. The best part is that you can print out each and every page.

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